Resilience: The Escape route out of Adversity

As the spread and far-reaching impacts of Covid-19 dominate the world news, we have all been witnessing and experiencing the parallel spread of worry, anxiety, and instability. But this reaction seems quite humane. Indeed, in a crisis, our mental state often seems only to exacerbate an already extremely challenging situation, becoming a major obstacle in […]

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5+3+3+4: The new Upbeat of the Indian Education System

Sottaku Doji: The literal translation of this expression is: “Simultaneous pecking from the inside out”. It refers to the action that occurs between the chick that is about to be born and its mother so that together they can break the shell of the egg. When this action occurs simultaneously, something special happens, the chick […]

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School Education in COVID times

When the world woke to the news of disease in the month of Jan-2020 which was spreading in China, no one was able to imagine or forecast the impact this virus will have on the human being. There was no area that has been left untouched by this virus named Covid-19. One of the worst […]

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