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Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
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The best schools in Faridabad want their students to use social media as a learning platform. They even encourage students to make study groups on social media to stay connected to their peers and studies. Teachers can also be added to these groups for quick advice and solutions.

Social media is here to stay and it is developing at a fast pace. Also, it has taken everyone under its ambit. Students are also attracted to social media that they can use in many ways like as follows:

1. Networking

It is easier to network on social media than physically. For example, a student group can be used as a platform to raise questions. The participating teachers and students in the group can answer the questions or suggest resources to simplify the subjects.

2. Stay updated

Social media is the right place to share knowledge and information. For example, teachers can drop hints to the pattern of making questions for test papers. Also, students can discuss current affairs to enhance their general knowledge for debates and competitive exams.

3. Develop life skills

Social media helps develop better life skills like problem-solving, taking calculated risks, locating opportunities, and utilizing resources. It teaches students to become independent in their studies. They learn to interact with others and develop confidence to do things. They recognize their hidden skills like networking and communication.  

Like everything, social media also has its drawbacks, and students and parents must be aware of the downside of social media.

1. Distraction

Excessive use of social media could cause unnecessary distraction in studies. Also, it can reduce self-confidence in the long run. Students could start relying on social media feeds instead of their knowledge and findings.

2. Peer validation

Students could turn to peer validation from parental approval under the influence of their peers. They feel peer pressure and try to do things not related to their studies to prove their talent. First, they get distracted and second, lose interest in studies.

3. Social media trolling

Students can become victims of social media trolling by their peers or strangers if they network and communicate with strangers. There have been many instances in the past when students ended their lives due to trolling.

The best schools in Faridabad advise parents to remain cautious about screen time and behavioral changes in children. Parents should interact with their kids to help the children stay safe on social media.

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