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Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Why should you look for a school’s infrastructure when choosing a school?

Parents looking for schools admission in Faridabad often get confused about CBSE v/s ICSE. Both are prominent education boards in India and have their pros and cons. Parents should go through the advantages of both CBSE and ICSE board before comparing.

Pros of CBSE:

1. CBSE education is good for students eying competitive exams including UPSC, NEET, JEE, CDS, PMT, and AIEEE

2. CBSE keeps its curriculum updated to keep pace with the market needs like the latest technology and recent innovations.

3. The CBSE board enjoys recognition by both national and international universities. CBSE schools are available in every city and state.

4. The CBSE board is considered more suitable for parents with transferable jobs as kids can continue their education in CBSE-affiliated schools.

5. The CBSE board follows a meaningful pattern for assessing the knowledge and skills of students. It evaluates students on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

6. CBSE follows a rational grading method that involves performance in academics and co-curricular activities.

7. CBSE education places a special focus on the English language. It helps students planning to go abroad for higher studies.  

The best schools in Faridabad always educate parents on the advantages of CBSE and ICSE so the parents can understand why CBSE education is a better option for their children.

Pros of ICSE:

1. ICSE schools offer a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of subjects including physical education and environmental science. Also, the curriculum is updated at regular intervals.

2. The ICSE board has a well-structured examination system to evaluate students on their academic knowledge and technical skills.

3. ICSE education teaches students to accept challenges and become winners. They are taught to anticipate challenges and become future-ready.

4. ICSE education puts a special focus on practical learning to give hands-on experience in real-life applications of their knowledge and technical skills.

5. The ICSE board believes in holistic education to boost the mental and emotional strength of students.

6. The ICSE board enjoys national and international recognition by leading educational institutions of higher learning.

7. The ICSE board is focused on the use of the English language in teaching and personality development.  

Parents need not be confused about CBSE and ICSE for schools admission in Faridabad. They can compare the benefits of both education boards and choose the best. Most parents choose CBSE because there are more schools affiliated with CBSE. But it doesn’t mean that ICSE isn’t a popular choice.

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