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Best CBSE School in Faridabad

Saraswati Global School is one of the best school in Faridabad. It offers a quality education to its students and provides them with opportunities to develop their skills. The school has a strong focus on academics and offers a variety of courses that are perfect for students. The teachers are highly qualified and provide support and guidance to the students. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities that help students develop their skills and talents. Overall, Saraswati Global School is an excellent choice for students in Faridabad.


December 5, 2022

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15 jan ‘23 | DIY kid fest
15 jan ‘23 | DIY kid fest
15 jan ‘23 | DIY kid fest
15 jan ‘23 | DIY kid fest


  • As the Best School in Faridabad Saraswati Global School has been in existence since 1978. For more than four decades the school has been offering the best education to the children. Located in Sector 105, Tigaon, Faridabad, the school is established by the Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti with a view to meet the educational requirements of this major industrial hub of Haryana. Since its inception almost 40 years back, the school aims to offer all-round growth and development of the personality of the students. Providing the class-leading quality for education the institute is known to have a unique Integrated School Program to allow students prepare optimally for the IIT and other competitive examinations.

  • The best CBSE schools in Faridabad have developed into a full-fledged co-educational English Medium School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum. Saraswati Global School not only offers quality education but also pays attention on the physical development of kids. It assists in the physical and mental development of kids. For the promotion of sports, CBSE arranges all India, annual CBSE schools sports assemble. While every board has its pros and cons, the obvious benefit of the CBSE board is that students passing from this board stand a superior possibility of attaining better scores in IIT-JEE, AIEEE, and AIPMT.

  • The Best CBSE School in Faridabad envisages a vibrant, robust, and holistic school education that will cause excellence in every sphere of human attempt. The board is dedicated to offering quality education to endorse social, intellectual, and cultural liveliness among its learners. The Mylestone Curriculum is followed in the school which is divided as primary school curriculum, middle school curriculum, and senior secondary school curriculum. Students in the primary school are encouraged to question, explore, apply and test. Teacher instills the good hygiene, cleanliness, and healthy living habits. Through several games and activities, the students are also taught the values of teamwork, leadership, honesty, and compassion. Middle School aims to pursue excellence in each field and hone its students to be responsible citizens. Senior School aims to impart skills and education of the highest quality.

  • Being the Best school in Faridabad, Saraswati global school understands that sports and physical activity are an essential part of every educational venture. Every child has his/her intrinsic potential, this is why the company intends to provide the students with necessary physical opportunities. Inter-school competitions are treated with suitable seriousness so that students learn to make winning a part of their lives. Some of the sports facilities that the school provides to its students are skating, lawn tennis, badminton, football, athletic training, archery, and basketball. The school provides young people with a safe environment to develop skills, build self-esteem, learn the game and practice sportsmanship.

  • The student to teacher ratio in Saraswati Global School is 25:1. This means that an institution has 25 students per teacher. This kind of situation would make it simpler for teachers to give all the students their undivided attention. Thus, one of the best CBSE schools in Faridabad, Saraswati Global School has high student-teacher ratios are usually judged to offer students with a great educational experience. Low student-to-faculty ratios mean that students will be better able to plan meetings with teachers in case it becomes necessary. It also means that a teacher’s workload will be less and this will help teachers and students to build a rapport that benefits both.

  • When calculating a final grade for report cards, teachers use student tests, assignments, quizzes, and exams collected over the semester. Each type of assessment holds a certain power in the overall grade. Exam results may be worth 50% of the whole grade, while daily assignments are worth 20%. Tests at Saraswati Global School one of the best school in Faridabad is not restricted to pencil and paper formats. Students with written output problems can be offered oral-response tests. Teachers can use long answer, multiple choice, diagrams, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, charts, and other graphic organizers to have students answer questions about material.