English Lab

A variety of activities, unique lessons and experiments are conducted to develop english proficiency in students.

Indian Values

The richness of traditional values is integrated in our curriculum to deliver cultured and scholarly citizens to our country.

40 Years Legacy

A large number of IITians, CAs, Civil Servants and other reputed professionals have been produced by our education society throughout our journey.


Welcome to SARASWATI GLOBAL SCHOOL one of the most trusted names in quality education. Founded by Maheshewari Shiksha Samiti, SGS provides students with a rigorous, learner-focused, and balanced education which draws on the best holistic and pedagogical methods in International education practice including an emphasis on inquiry. Learning is focused on skills, knowledge as well as attitudes. We are very proud to be India's leading Mylestone Curriculum and Finland Education System based School.

Why English is important?

English is the most celebrated language of the globalized world. Fluency in this language benefits an individual enormously. English proficiency thrusts your career to great heights. The silver lining that shoots your chances to study abroad for higher studies is english. It is the key to international business and highly important to enter a global workforce. Apparently, a powerful grip over this widely used dialect can fetch you a sophisticated and lavish lifestyle. Thus, Saraswati Global School is all set to firmly instil english in students.

Significance of Indian Values

Global Outlook Indian Values

Moral principles and values are evidently not catching up with the pace at which the progress of technology and innovation is taking place. Ethics are losing prominence and it is a matter of great concern for the parents, society and country. Thus, our school is taking the initiative to fill the gap between academics and values. Our culture is adorned with respect, humbleness, renunciation and numerous other strong ideals. This is why our ethics are regarded with reverence all across the world. Hence we want to retain the rich traditional values of India and inculcate it in our students.

What makes Saraswati Global

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Why Saraswati Global School?

Mylestone Curriculum

Mylestone is a comprehensive educational solution which ensures that students become active participants in the learning process.

Finland Based Education System

Our curriculum inspired from Finland Education System. We have moulded our curriculum corresponding to the teaching methods of the finest global leader in education.

Indian Values

We are here to fill the gap between moral values and academics to create responsible citizens for the country.

English Speaking Environment

We have designed an english lab to build english proficiency of students by enhancing speaking, writing, listening and understanding skills.

Robotics Lab

The school integrates Robotics in the curriculum to design, construct and code robots which helps them work out their imagination through experimental challenges.

Toys & Games

We highly promote our kids to build interest in games and toys and to just enjoy themselves.