School Education in COVID times

When the world woke to the news of disease in the month of Jan-2020 which was spreading in China, no one was able to imagine or forecast the impact this virus will have on the human being. There was no area that has been left untouched by this virus named Covid-19.

One of the worst impacted areas has been School Education. Huge & best of the school buildings in nearby areas, districts such as Faridabad, countries are shut down due to lockdown. They are waiting for kids to attend the best smart spacious classrooms. There is no visibility when smart, intelligent kids will be able to use the multi-sports stadiums.

Despite the pandemic, the spirit called as school is not diminished. Thanks to the technology era where best online classes are happening through different platforms. Kids are stuck to the blue screen and a new normal way of teaching is emerging. Teachers are innovating daily on new methods of teaching. Despite being Online & without eye contact, teachers being the “Guru” can gauge the response of the students on the alertness in the class.

New dimensions are getting added to the education. Like Open Book examination was never accepted at least in Indian environment, but during covid time it is new normal. Acceptability by the parents and teachers of this new normal has been quite smooth.

Now when schools are ready to open and accept the kids, lot of precautions have to be taken by the kids, parents, and all other stake holders. Best school whether CBSE or any other board will have to have provisions for:

  • 100% screening
  • Social Distancing in the classes
  • A mix of Offline/Online for the classes
  • Mask mandatory for the kids
  • Innovative games while keeping social distancing
  • Separate entry and exit in school premises & classrooms
  • Touchless washroom taps
  • Digital surveillance
  • And much more planning

Apart from above points the biggest challenge for the schools will be psychological behavior of the kids, which might have got changed during the lockdown period. To overcome this challenge:

  • Schools need to take help of psychologists
  • Positive school environment needs to be creating while keeping all safety measures in place.
  • Independence of kid can not be snatched so innovative ways of social connections has to be implemented.
  • Classrooms need to be vibrant with lot of indoor physical exercises or fun activities.

We all are keeping fingers crossed and hoping our best. At Saraswati Global School we have adopted the best of the COVID free school practice to ensure a safe and secure environment. A COVID free school can be just assumed unless until best of the practices are adopted in any school, we at SGS are proud to have it all.

Manjul Bhatter

Director- Academic Innovations

Social Circle