Teaching Methodology

At Saraswati Global School, we have introduced a holistic educational methodology by incorporating the Mylestone Curriculum, Scholastic Curriculum, Finland Education System, which encourage the children to look at learning beyond their classrooms, develop a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence.The milestone program offers a streamlined curriculum through well-designed and integrated components which have been the outcome of a prolonged research and development process of the milestone pedagogy by subject matter experts.

The Mylestone curriculum, once implemented in a school, ensures that students become active participants in the learning process instead of being, just passive recipients of the information.

The Mylestone program is dedicated to providing a world-class learning experience to the students by

  • Encouraging the students to be proactive and collaborate and interact with the teacher, peers, and parents in the learning process rather than becoming passive recipients
  • Relating concepts with experience of the students
  • Encouraging inquiry-based learning

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