Resilience: The Escape route out of Adversity

As the spread and far-reaching impacts of Covid-19 dominate the world news, we have all been witnessing and experiencing the parallel spread of worry, anxiety, and instability. But this reaction seems quite humane.

Indeed, in a crisis, our mental state often seems only to exacerbate an already extremely challenging situation, becoming a major obstacle in itself.

Now when I revisit my reactions and actions a few months back, I remember all the chaos in my school on various possibilities like How do we shut down schools and still keep our staff and administration paid, How long do we keep kids away from education, How do I we spread normalcy and positivity around us?….

What I am talking about are the worries of one school, Saraswati Global School situated at a corner in Faridabad with its own micro-problems.

Similarly, the whole world is still fighting with such conundrums and possibly with bigger things at stake.

Well after weeks of calm discussions, we found out ways that could sail us ahead and churn well out of this travesty too, and the solution was just one word, one emotion, and one feeling RESILIENCE!!!

In simple words Resilience might look like one of the good virtue, we humans must adapt, but as I kept digging it’s a lot more than just moving on with a survival instinct. It’s the ability to mentally or emotionally return to pre-crisis status quickly.

It is always better to learn from the best, so to learn RESILENCE we should turn to the best teacher in our lives which I believe is NATURE.

Perhaps the best proof of nature’s Resilience can be found on the site of one of our greatest disasters “Chernobyl”   

In 1986 one of the four reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded. This turned this utopian vision of the future into a ghost town. Over a hundred thousand people were immediately evacuated never to return. The fallout zone was declared inhabitable for the next twenty thousand years, yet despite the radiation, there has been a remarkable recovery within only a decade. Vegetation begins to germinate in the ruined city and as the forest Re-established itself, animals begin to appear.

The dramatic re-colonization of Chernobyl in the space of 30 years is the proof of Forest’s extraordinary resilience.

So all we needed to bounce back in the difficult times of CORONA was a calm and resilient mind.

After weeks of fruitful online meetings, I can proudly say that Saraswati Global School became one of the first in Faridabad to adapt the E-learning practices and start the normal school functioning through the online classes. Not just that, we successfully celebrated Environment day, Nelson Mandela Day, conducted webinars with parents on topics like Cyber Bullying,  Magic of Kindness, Health & Safety, The new age Parenting by the eminent faculties, and have been experiencing wonderful breakthroughs and new learnings during this process on daily basis. Students conducted “Food quiz” for parents

All this with a pinch of  “RESILIENCE. Do give it a try; you will definitely feel the difference.

Minakshi Sharma


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