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Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Senior Secondary School

In the present-day world, teaching values to the youth is more essential than ever. From the moment they are born, kids are extremely vulnerable. They start to form their opinions and view of the world prior to they even hit their adolescence. The educators and parents are the kid’s largest and number one influences; and it is their accountability to teach their youth about core values so they might grow up to be confident, caring, and courteous adults.

  • Values are both taught and caught

Values are caught by kids as much as they are taught—which further emphasizes the fact that we should provide and be a good example for the youth. If left without an excellent foundation of what values and good moral character appears like, it can impact the child’s sense of right from wrong negatively. In brief, if we expect the kid to respect others, we must also show admiration; whatever values you want to instill, you must be eager to represent yourself.

  • Values and the school environment

As students spend maximum time at school, it must be a place that supports communities’ and families’ efforts to set up powerful values in students. Educators are tasked with the work of assisting kids see that values are not only a main part of the educational procedure but also to their overall development as an individual.

  • Clarity and teaching purpose 

Without respect and values, children have no sense of clarity and purpose. Not to state, their capability to think straight and clear will be deformed. By promoting an environment where core values are a focal point, it allows students to logically grapple with moral life and supports healthy brain growth and development.

How does the Best CBSE School in Greater Faridabad incorporate the values in education?

  • While educating; the parents, educators etc. should offer equal weightage to the values the topic /subject being taught has to provide.
  • Turning the values into practical experiences can prove flourishing in shaping up a kid into a better adult.
  • Motivating students to teach something that has a fundamental value for others to study. For example, the significance of time, why knowledge is better than money, etc.

The Top International School in Faridabad understands that education devoid of value is like a tree devoid of leaves. No one gets the shade no matter how big the tree is. Thus, the ultimate goal of education should be turning students into better human beings together with assisting them gain knowledge.