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Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Haryana has some of the best schools for higher education in the country and the ultimate aim of these schools is to develop and nourish the best talents and prepare them for the challenges of the constantly evolving world. The schools in Haryana reap intellectual achievements in the budding talents through self-discipline and cultural integration. 

Best CBSE school in Haryana for the year 2022:

The Saraswathi Global School is the top CBSE Schools in Haryana 2022 and gives the fruits of education for the tiny tots in the state. The school concentrates on the overall personality development of the child and strives to build a better life and future for the students. It is regarded as one of the top schools in Faridabad, Haryana, and attempts to mold the personality of the child concurrently by instilling good values and positive attitude in them.

Apart from literacy and good communication skills, the school strives to impart a quality curriculum embedded with Indian culture and values. The teachers at the Saraswathi Global School focus on imparting life lessons more than academic education. Students are encouraged to explore, apply and test concepts and are educated on human values and personal decorum as well. 

The teaching methodology at Saraswathi Global School:

The school follows the Mylestone curriculum, scholastic curriculum, and Finland’s pattern of education and encourages its students to follow and practice an inquiry-based learning paradigm. Learning is an ongoing process in this Global school that strives to bring out the best of every child committed to its care. Students are encouraged to become active participants of the teaching and learning paradigm, rather than being mere spectators. Inquiry-based learning is the secret behind the long and strong legacy of this School.

Co-curricular activities:

The curriculum followed at the Saraswathi Global School throws due to a focus on extracurricular activities as well, thus qualifying it to be the top CBSE Schools in Haryana 2022. Indoor games, outdoor sports, athletic training, archery, dance, and music are part of the educational curriculum in this school, thus aiding in the holistic development of the students. The school is located on a lavish campus that facilitates all these co-curricular activities along with academic learning. 

Bottom Line:

The Saraswathi Global School has been continuing its learning activities even during the pandemic lockdown and is all equipped to invite fresh admissions for the year 2020. Parents in and around Faridabad show tremendous interest in enrolling their students in this CBSE school for its quality education, infrastructure, and world-class curriculum. 

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