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Chairman’s Message

When we mention education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching. But education is beyond the classical paper-pencil-black board theory. The true purpose of education is to impart knowledge and infuse humane values including wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability of a student.

At Saraswati Global School, it is our continuous effort to reinforce the sincerity to achieve that extra mile which helps our students to discover and reach their individual goals. The multicultural and inclusive learning environment at SGS with the futurist curriculum in place enables the student to shape a place for them and become a responsible Global Citizen.

As we are continuing to grow, it is our strongest vision of becoming a leader for advanced education and learning. We profoundly aim at providing top-quality education to all.

Message from Academic Innovation Director

Global Outlook Indian Values Saraswati Global School’s philosophy Global Outlook, Indian Values goes very well with the ideologies of our intrinsic commitment to provide 21st-century skills.

The school envisages the collaboration of a dynamic education system that is innovative, diverse, and compassionate towards providing lifelong learning. We intend to go beyond the books by creating a society of learners who are being constantly challenged by teachers as well as their peers so that they outshine in every aspect of their life. A kaleidoscopic view of education ensures that the focus is on every child and each learner has an independent vision. This will help them move towards their goals with conviction.

Cultural ethos is woven into the very fabric of school life that focuses on strength of character, teamwork, commitment, and diligence. We encourage possibilities for everyone through the integration of teaching and learning, which leads to holistic development; this is beneficial to adapt to the diverse and ever-changing world.

Let’s spread our wings, break limitations, and soar to great heights together.

Message from Principal

From cradle to grave this problem of running order through chaos, direction through space, discipline through freedom, unity through multiplicity, has always been, and must always be, the task of education.” – Henry Brooks Adams.

I and my team here at Saraswati Global school strive to achieve this goal, and the first step towards such a utopian goal of education is to bring a change in the thought of everyone involved in the process of imparting education.

It is to shift the focus from one of making a system that teaches children a curriculum more efficiently, to one of making the system more effective by inspiring lifelong learning in students that empowers them to have full and productive lives in a rapidly shifting economy.

To match this need and keep abreast with the changing trends in education across the world, we would constantly look for ways to make learning interesting for all.

I firmly believe in the unique potential of every child. All children possess something valuable and their innate talents are waiting to be unleashed. So we make sure that our learners find and follow their passion.

My foremost reason to associate with this school is that it believes in perpetual learning, schools like that constantly scan the environment, communicate regularly with educators across the world, think ahead, and tirelessly work on a school design that rises to meet the challenges and ensure the delivery of a successful educational program for the future!

This is why our classrooms practice blended learning tools and we have started using the concept of flipped classes.

Management Committee

Shri Y.K Maheshwari



Mr. Anubhav Maheshwari

Vice Chairperson

Mrs. Manjul

Director Academics & Innovation

Mr. Apurv Kansal

Director Technology

Mr. Shiv Gaurav Gupta

Director Alliances

Mrs. Minakshi Sharma


Mrs. Sushma Saini

Head Mistress

Vishal Kakkar, Meena Murthy Kakkar

Project Architects

Social Circle