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Here’s how a parent should assess the best school

Here’s how a parent should assess the best school

No doubt, every parent wants their kid to get the best education from a suitable school, aspiring their child to grow as a successful individual. But, one of the questions every parent struggles with is which factors to consider while selecting an apt school for their child. The ever-expanding number of schools around us makes the job tiring.

Following are some tips on how to assess the Best CBSE School in Faridabad:

A good school will always encourage curiosity and persuade students to pay attention to their interests confidently. A school curriculum that offers holistic development of your child is a good sign as the emphasis is on the development of its students.

One of the critical requirements is the proximity of the school. It is essential from a safety perspective. It could prove a blessing in an emergency. It also offers more disposable time for the child, which can be spent productively behind studies and other activities.

Understanding the approach of the school leadership towards learning and the development of the students can be perceptive and give a glance into how the teachers and support staff would interact with children.

The importance of safety and hygiene has gone up disproportionately in the post-pandemic world. It is crucial to assess the hygiene and safety standards of the school.

In the contemporary world, several parents like sending their wards to International Universities after their higher secondary. Schools play a vital role in helping parents and students to choose the right International University. Schools with excellent higher education counselling cells and robust Alumni Network can play that role more easily than the remaining.

Parents often equate fees with quality. This is only sometimes the case. Parents need to focus on the value the school offers in aspects like safety, quality, facilities, co-curricular activities, and other activities that will guarantee the child’s holistic development. After evaluating the services the school offers, parents need to decide whether the money the school is charging is worth the value.

Selecting the right school for your child can be a complex, challenging decision. While the quality of education remains criterion, the chance to develop your child’s physical, creative, and social skills is also a key attribute that needs to be given equal significance. Hence, parents should prioritise the quality of education and the child’s holistic development while choosing a school.

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