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Career Choice By The Best School Of Faridabad

Career Choice By The Best School Of Faridabad

One of the top CBSE schools in Greater Faridabad, Saraswati Global School, has consistently been recognized as one of the “Best Schools in Faridabad.”  Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti created SGS to give students a challenging, learner-centered, and balanced education that emphasizes the most effective holistic and pedagogical techniques in global education practice, with a focus on inquiry. The primary goals of learning are to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes. We take great pride in combining the Finnish educational system with top Indian publications such as Collin’s, Next Education, and Rachna Sagar.

The majority of ninth and tenth-grade kids have only hazy notions of viable job pathways. “When I grow up, I want to be a pilot, a teacher, or a doctor!” Few people have given their career choices any thought since those early imaginations.

How are you supposed to choose a two-year stream and a career that may last the rest of your life if you haven’t even begun to contemplate your job or stream?

This is one of the Best Schools in Faridabad. The CBSE-accredited Saraswati Global School in Faridabad offers three stream options that determine the courses you will study in classes 11 and 12 as well as your potential future career paths. In class 11 of the CBSE, there are 3 streams:
1. Science
2. Commerce
3. Arts/Humanities

One of the Best Schools in Faridabad offers a science stream that focuses on the study of the physical and natural worlds via the study of pure sciences and their applications in everyday life. Subcategories of medical and non-medical fluids can be distinguished. Jobs in pharmacology, psychology, biotechnology, medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, and nutrition are among the many jobs in the medical field. Like the non-medical sector, the non-medical sector offers job opportunities in various fields, including architecture, aerospace, statistics, defense, engineering, ethical hacking, marine, computer applications, physics, and chemistry.

“Commerce” is a subject area related to the study of business, trade, and finance. The foundation of this discipline numbers, whether or not you choose to study mathematics as part of commerce. Success in the commerce stream depends on having a firm understanding of arithmetic basics, computations, and the capacity to handle vast volumes of data. Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Actuarial, Management, Economics, Banking, Investment Banking,

Stock Exchange, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Law, Hotel Management, and many more are prominent and popular job opportunities for business students after the 12th. The humanities are a vast field that studies human civilization, human interactions, culture, and systems. These topics contribute to your understanding of how the world and society around us function, as well as how human society, laws, and norms have changed over time. The humanities encompass the study of social dynamics and individual rights, among other things. Design, law, psychology, economics, management, history, archaeology, international relations, hotel management, event management, mass communication, journalism, public service, social work, sociology, photography, fashion communication, and content writing are all possible career paths.

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