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Best Nursery School in Faridabad


Saraswati global school is currently the most popular, trending, leading, full-fledged co-educational English medium school affiliated to the CBSE curriculum in Faridabad that provides moral values and high-quality education. It was founded by Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti in 1978 and is situated in Tigaon Faridabad. SGS is itself a brand that has shown tremendous growth over 40 years of excellent service to the educational sector. Since its foundation, the utmost priority is ethics and discipline, students taught to be humble and retain rich traditional Indian values. They provide exceptional education which combines the global standard with the principles of the Vedas, keeping the concept of modern India and old cultural heritage in mind.

Great facilities for young kids at Saraswati global school in Faridabad

SCG has digital classroom teaching, announcement systems, a big auditorium room, science labs, laboratories, activity room, yoga room, robotics lab, music room, and a library that creates learning opportunities, supports education and literacy, helps shape the perspectives and new ideas that are central to an innovative and creative society. It also takes all the safety and security measures by installing student tracking apps, CCTV cameras in classrooms, on the corridor, and keeping an eye on teachers and the students. It has taken care of all the advanced facilities for your child’s safety, including a well-equipped medical room headed by trained nurses and a medical practitioner and parents informed of their children’s health updates. SGS conducts extracurricular activities like art and craft, dance, drama, music, picnics, and excursions. 

Extracurricular activities

Apart from being fun, extracurricular activities also teach students to work in a team and achieve a shared goal, help children develop their social skills, explore different areas of interest, build leadership skills, increase self-confidence and even improve grades- all while having fun! Some of the main benefits students enjoy are sports and gameplay activities that increase motor skills and maintain physical fitness. Whether outdoor sports or indoor, SCG provides you with all kinds of sports and activities. 

Qualified and experienced staff to handle children

Teachers, staff, and administration provide a caring, safe, and friendly environment for students. SCG is the best school with a very inspiring infrastructure, good faculty, innovative teaching style, outstanding management, and proper educational background. Also, the fee structure is very parent-friendly and affordable. The school focuses on the overall development of a child maintaining hygiene. The teachers are very passionate supporters and give their full attention and focus on sharpening their skills. Even during the lockdown, they stay connected with the students with their online presence through various webinars, videos of student activities, the launch of magazines, and e-celebrations. The school maintains parent-teacher communication helps improve academic performances and provides a greater feeling of the community, keeping the parents involved and engaged in class and school-wide events. All these facilities and staff make Sarswati global school as the best nursery school in Faridabad.

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