All that you want to know about Bionic Teaching

All that you want to know about Bionic Teaching

Bionics combines science and technology, with nature acting as a model for technical applications. Bionics is anticipated to lead to a better understanding of the Nature of Science (NOS). Getting students interested in technology is one of the primary aims of Bionic Learning Network. Bionics teaching brings the world of bionics together with the education sector. The interactive education concept enables a variety of topics associated with bionics to be experienced in the classroom. It comprises a digital learning environment and a practical training kit, which the students can use to make bionic prototypes in an imaginative manner.

With the help of bionics education, theory is converted into simple practice. This encourages the joy of experimentation. The interdisciplinary learning content can be incorporated into everyday schooling, project days or one-off events in the subjects of physics, biology, IT and technology. The platform also offers methodical, biological background material to those teaching. In this manner, teachers can use the platform to create a project-based learning experience for their students, where the focus is on problem-solving, innovation and creativity. 

Why is Bionic Teaching unique?

  • It fosters the curiosity of students and inspires students to learn about bionics and robotics
  • It provides creativity and fun while learning from nature
  • It motivates and inspires learners to use STEM-topics in bionically inspired projects
  • Each prototype can be designed individually
  • It is an ideal combination of analogue and digital learning units

Saraswati Global School is regarded as one of the Best CBSE School in Faridabad which pays attention to Bionics Teaching. The school provides real education by self experience for the distinctive development of every student. The most excellent culture here is built by unity, co-operation, and sharing responsibility among the students. As a world leader in higher education, the school has established change in the sector.

These Bionics prototypes are at the heart of learning and have been adjusted into a modular educational concept with a distinctive learning construction kit, i.e. Bionics for the classroom.  The objective of Bionic teaching is to offer a range of bionics-inspired projects and supporting content that educators can use to make a project-based learning experience for their students that highlights problem solving, innovation, and creativity. The learning poster is meant for use in the classroom. It guides the students via the assembly of the bionic construction kit and also offers some theoretical background. 

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